Ed Young


Just bought my copy at the One Conference in Miami. I have read a few pages and I am so excited to try it with my wife. We are in desperate need to fulfill God's original design for our marriage. As a Christian couple this has been our big thorn in the flesh. We both are willing to take this chance as God's answer to our prayers. Thank you for making this incredible resource available. I want to congratulate you and your wife for the time you took to make this project a reality.


Sexperiment has opened up our marriage and has given us the strength and the hope to seek counsel for a few topics that the book addresses. We look to this counsel as a way to make our marriage the true solid foundation for our family. Without Ed's message and series, I am not sure where our marriage would have gone. Instead, we get excited for our weekly "date night" to give our marriage the time and attention it deserves. I love my husband so very much and am learning new things about him daily. This book has powerful, relational-changing possibilities.


Our 23rd anniversary was celebrated on Friday, February 4.  My husband planned a lovely night away from all the distractions and we had a ball!  I got your email on the Sexperiment prior to our date night and sent it to my husband. He actually federal expressed the book to our home for Saturday, February 5.  We started the book.  Can I just say that distractions abound in a home of 7...but we prevailed and we are having fun!  Your message in the book is clear, and puts into words what we have been trying to say to each other for 23 years.  WOW!!!!!!  Thank you so much!  23 years of marriage certainly brings with it a lot of "stuff" and we are talking about it. We are praying that God will heal and speak to us during this time.    

Parish and Anna

Last night before my husband and I started reading, he said that that book was the best investment we have ever made!  Thank you!!


My husband and I went on a 4 night cruise January 12 - 16, 2012 and the day before I left I purchased your book. We read it in the car for the 5 hour drive to Galveston, each night on the ship, and finished it on the way home. WE called this our "marriage enrichment" cruise, or second honeymoon as we are celebrating 20 years of marriage! It was a wonderful book and gave us such insight to the sexual relationship we should be experiencing. The book helped us discuss issues we have thought as taboo for so long. It truly has changed the way we think about each other and our love making.. You have totally changed my marriage and for that I am eternally grateful!!! God Bless you and Lisa in the years to come!!

Sharon and Brad

Just "finished" your book in one sitting. Now to go finish the project!
What a great marriage manual, more about everything else but sex and sex is the icing on the cake.
Thanks for taking the risk to write it.


Good on Pastor Ed Young for talking about this in the church - for too long we've been embarrassed to talk about sex, and the devil has had a field day - time for the Christians to take back what belongs to us!


The seven day challenge has caused us to reach for some creative and original ways to connect physically; very reminiscent of when we were first married!


I truly believe this concept is God inspired and He is intervening, through Ed Young and hopefully others across this nation, on behalf of married couple everywhere who struggle in their marriage with intimacy, trust, respect, ... or in other words all of the aspects of a marriage relationship. I truly believe and believe that God has revealed to me that sex in marriage relationship is the glue that binds all of the characteristics of love together.


This challenge is so absolutely amazing! In a time where the top 5 things that the internet is used for, are things that destroy and break apart the intimacy of a marriage, it’s time for the church to step up and talk about sex and relationships in a positive godly way.

Mia and Jonathan

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