Ed Young


Rev Run

“It's not a lack of love that makes a marriage monotonous; it's a lack of passion. Sexperiment will help you put the passion back where it belongs...and take your marriage where it needs to be!" —Rev Run

Brian & Bobbie Houston

“Ed Young and Lisa Young are longtime friends of ours, both personally and in ministry. Their sense of humor and love for life and for growing a church full of flourishing Kingdom-minded people is contagious! They care deeply about people and their marriages and offer a perspective that makes this book a good read!” —Brian & Bobbie Houston, founding pastors, Hillsong, Sydney Australia

Steven & Holly Furtick

“Honestly, most of the preaching and teaching about sex, love, and marriage is not getting the job done. The marriages and sex lives represented in the church look no better than the world’s. And the reason is because our approach to the subject is based on restraint rather than vision. In SEXPERIMENT, Ed Young, a man with a marriage and family worth aspiring to, changes that. If you want to experience all of the pleasure and happiness God intended for your marriage, this book is a must-read.” —Steven & Holly Furtick, lead pastors, Elevation Church; author, Sun Stand Still

Craig & Amy Groeschel

“Ed Young and Lisa Young have modeled a Christ-centered marriage for over twenty-five years. Their straightforward, encouraging, and practical teaching in SEXPERIMENT will take your marriage to a greater depth of intimacy than you’ve ever known before.” —Craig and Amy Groeschel, senior pastors of LifeChurch.tv, Author of WEIRD, Because Normal Isn’t Working

Carl & Laura Lentz

“Ed Young and Lisa Young are simply fun to be around and their joy as a family speaks even louder than their world-renowned church does. My wife and I look at their marriage, the way they still laugh with each other and live life so passionately, and are instantly inspired. Additionally, all their children actually want to hang out with them! Higher praise for parents, you will not find. Obviously, their marriage is impacting, if it works in their own house first. This book should be a pre-marriage prerequisite and an annual ‘wanna stay happily married’ re-read! Thank God for a couple that continues to help others build strong marriages.” —Carl and Laura Lentz, lead pastors of Hillsong, New York City

Kevin & Sheila Gerald

“Marriage without good sex is like a house without heat in the winter. You might be able to survive in it, but it’s not nearly as enjoyable. Ed Young and Lisa Young are among the best when it comes to encouraging us to keep the ‘heat on’ in the house. Their practical, honest, and open style of communication on this topic is both real and refreshing. I want to encourage you to take this challenge as an opportunity to stir the fire in your marriage” —Pastors Kevin and Sheila Gerald, Champions Centre

Judah & Chelsea Smith

“Our culture worships sex but is often confused about marriage. I’ve always believed that the church should be at the forefront in portraying the delight of sex in the context of marriage. Ed Young’s book does just that with humor, wisdom, and candor.” —Judah and Chelsea Smith, senior pastors, the City Church

Samuel Rodriguez

“Sexperiment facilitates a biblically sound transparent conversation on sexuality, marriage, family and faith. More than an idea, this book serves as a clarion call for redeeming the narrative of sexuality via the optics of a Christ centered antidote against infidelity and divorce. This experiment will change your life!” —Samuel Rodriguez, President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

“Ed Young writes like he's sitting across the table, talking directly to you.” The Washington Post

“Ed Young not only brings energy to his topic, but also meaningful, biblically based content.” Christian Retailing Magazine

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